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Hot sale single embossing toilet paper making machine for sale in south africa

Features of Automatic Toilet  Tissue Paper Roll Rewinding Making Machine:
1. Automatic toilet tissue paper making machine is fully automatic which includes core feeding  system,
log pusher after rewinding,edge-trimming,auto edge trimming,glue spraying and sealing.Adopts international advanced PLC programable controlling technique.
2. Automatic toilet tissue paper making machine is economical and the machine is easy to operate.
3. This machine adopts 4 pieces high precision spiral knives,low noise and clear perforation.
4. Embossing unit: adopt point to point embossing rollers,making the driving flat belts

Excellent Quality Rich Manufacture Experience Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine/Toilet Paper rolling Line 



Introduction of toilet paper machine

Our factory original produce automatic toilet paper rewinder adopting  international advanced  PLC computer programming technology,

and frequency adjustable speed, and electronic brake and the configuration has touch type picture human-computer interface system, latest development free core volume paper forming complex volume system, reached rewind volume 

effect with core or no core , one machine more with more usage, makes machine in years of market put using can full upgrade, makes 

the operation more convenient and shortcut, greatly improve the production efficiency.

Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.




Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

New design small machines for home business excellent quality toilet tissue

paper rewinding making machine

This machine adopts international new PLC computer programming technology (system can be upgraded), frequency control,

automatic electronic brake. The touch-type human-machine interface operating system uses a coreless rewind forming system. application the

PLC program wind column forming technology achieves the characteristics of faster rewinding and more beautiful molding.

Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

Machine Model 1092/1575/1880/2100/2400
Paper Width(mm) 1092mm/1575mm/1880mm/2100mm/2400mm
Paper Diameter(mm) φ1200mm(Please Specify)
Paper Core Inner Diameter φ76mm(Please Specify)
Product Diameter φ40mm-200mm
Paper Backing 1-4layer,general chain feed or continuously variable transmission feed paper
Punch 2-4 Knife,Spiral Cutter Line
Hole Pitch Positioning of Belt and Chain Wheel
Control System PLC Control,Variable Frequency Speed Control,Touch Screen Operation
Product Range Core Paper,Non Core Roll Paper
Drop Tube Manual,Automatic(Optional)
Non core roll paper automtic core pulling
Production Speed 150-280m/min
Spray,Cutting and Rewinding Automtic
Finished product launch Automtic
Point Moving Mode Before and After the Point Moving
Power Configuration 380V50HZ
Required air pressure 0.5Mps(The Self)
Embossing Single Embossing,Double Embossing(Steel Roller to Wool Roller,Steel Roller)Optional
Blank Holder Airbag Control,Cylinder Control,Steel to Steel Structure
Outline Dimension 6200mm-7500mm*2600mm-3200mm*1750mm
Machine Weight 2900KG-3800KG

Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

Working Principle
Four-roller automatic feeding→synchronous conveying→embossing→punching→automatic winding→cutting→packing→sealing.
1. Rewinding---The main purpose of the toilet paper rewinding machine is to process the large shaft paper into a long strip of toilet paper roll.
2. Cut the paper---The long piece of toilet paper cut by the paper cutter is cut into semi-finished products of the length required by the customer.
3. Packaging---Packaging can be packaged in a packaging machine or manually wrapped, and the semi-finished products of the toilet

paper are packaged and sealed by a sealing machine.

Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

Performance Characteristics
1. Using PLC computer to program the finished paper in the rewinding process to achieve the tightness and looseness of the different

tightness to solve the looseness of the finished product due to long-term storage.
2. Full-automatic rewinding machine can choose double-sided embossing, gluing compound, which can make paper more soft than single-sided

embossing, the effect of double-sided finished products is consistent, and each layer of paper does not spread when used, especially suitable for

processing. Roll up kitchen paper towels and reduce weight by 15% or more when finished in the same size.
3. The machine is equipped with processing unintentional, solid, paper tube toilet paper, which can instantly switch between products, and can

also be selected according to user needs.
4. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, and shafting are completed synchronously, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is

cut into the band saw and packaged, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. Easy to enable.
5. Pneumatic belt feeding, double reel and each axis of the original paper have independent tension adjustment mechanism



Purchase Guide:

1.We have napkin paper machine,toilet paper machine,facial tissue paper machine and pocket tissue paper machine.etc. Firstly,what machine are you looking for ?


2.The one that you are checking is the toilet paper machine,there are various models for choice,1092,1575,1760 and 1880,etc. Which model do you want ? Among them,the

model 1575 is the most popular to export abroad,and the 1880 Model is the most popular in China.


3.Usually to make the toilet paper machine,three machines are needed,it contains rewinding machine,cutting machine and sealing machine.This is basic three machines.


4.Do you make the toilet paper roll with inner core or without inner core ? If you will make toilet paper with inner core,the paper core making machine is optional.Of course

you can buy finished paper core directly to use.


5.For the toilet paper rewinding machine,do you need embossing or not ? The basic function has no embossing function,if you need embossing,single embossing or double embossing ?


6.If you want embossing function,what embossing pattern do you want ? The embossing patterns can be designed as your request.Of course we also can supply some patterns designs for choice.


7.If you will make the toilet paper roll with inner core,do you need automatic paper core dropping function ? This is optional function.If no paper core dropping function,the machine

also can do both toilet paper with inner core and without inner core.


8.The rewinding machine own functions include automatic rewinding,perforation,cutting,glue spraying,automatic pneumatic paper loading,and automatic synchronous belt. Other functions are optional.


FAQ of toilet paper machine:


1*What is the net profit of toilet paper and napkin paper?

For toilet paper, it is about 20%. That is, the profit is about USD100-USD140 for per ton.

For napkin tissue, it is about 30%. That is, the profit is about USD350 for each ton.


2*How can customers obtain the raw material?

The raw materials are mainly made from wood pulp, cane syrup, deinked waste paper.

You can purchase the raw material in your area. If you like, we can purchase raw material from our cooperated suppliers in China at low cost for you.

3*How many bags can we get from 1 ton of raw pulp material?

If 100g for one roll of paper, 10 rolls in a bag, we can get about 900 bags from 1 ton of raw material.


4*For our 1575 toilet paper rewinding machine, what is the plant area?

The overall dimension of our machine is 6m(length)*3m(width)*1.8m(height), to take the working table into account, the plant area is about 50m2.

The height of door is 2m. (The warehouse is not included. )


5*What is the investment for processing toilet paper?

About USD19,000. It includes the equipments(rewinding machine+slitting machine+sealing machine), workshop, raw material, etc.


6*How many workers to operate the whole line machine ?

Total need four workers to operate the semi-automatic whole line. One is for rewinding machine, one is for cutting machine,

one is for put the paper roll together, one is for sealing bags.


If you have any suggestions or opinions about our products, please leave a message, and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support.

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