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2400mm High Speed Crescent Former Toilet Paper Making Machine Pocket Tissue Paper Rolls Machinery

Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll Making Machine ,Box Facial Tissue Machine


Output paper: Toilet paper, tissue paper

Output weight: 13-40g/m2

Net paper width: 2400mm

Wire width:2850mm

Capacity: 7-8 t/d


1. Output paper: Toilet paper, tissue paper;

2. Output weight: 13-40g/m2;

3. Net paper width: 2400mm;

4. Wire width: 2850mm;

5. Capacity: 7-8t/d;

6. Working speed: 100-180m/min;

7. Rail gauge: 3500mm;

8. Drive way: AC frequency converter and adjustable speed, drive part by part.


1. Cylinder section: Ф1500mm stainless steel cylinder mould 1set.

2. Couch roll section: Size of couch roll isФ450mm, material of roll body is seamless steel pipe. Thickness is 14mm roll surface is coated by rubber, rubber hardness HSD 38℃±2.

3. Frame: Frame of cylinder section is welded with shaped steel thickness is 10mm.

4. Washing device of cylinder section: Pulp-spraying Pressure former adapt water pressing type spray pipe DG32 stainless steel ceramics hard wearing nozzle.

5. Felt washing section: High pressure cleaning device 2 sets.

6. Vacuum suction box: 2set in all.

7. Body frame: body frame is iron casting.material is HT200.

8. Dryer cylinder: Dryer cylinder Φ 2500mmbearing type dryer cylinder.

9. Scraper of dryer cylinder: Scraper of dryer cylinder is pneumatic, include air control chest, air cylinder.

10. Touch roll: Touch roll Φ 550 ,roll body (iron casting) surface rubber coating thickness is 25mm, shore hardness is 93°, pneumatic pressurizing, include tyre, aircontrol chest but not contains air pump equipped with 113632 bearing fluted rolls.

11. Sink roll: Φ194 seamless steel pipe.

12. Spreader roll: Φ230 rubber coating of the surface, rubber coating thickness is 15mm, shore hardness 93±2℃, equipped with bearing 3612.

13. Exhaust hood of dryer cylinder: Exhaust hood of the dryer can is type of respiration. include blowing fan, draft fan, radiator.

14. This machine is equipped with electrical blanket tightening implement. Pneumatic adjusting blanket implement.

15. Winding part: Sweat cylinder Φ900,equipped with bearing (113520).

No Name Function
1 Paper machine Produce paper
2 dryer To dry the paper web
3 Exhaust hood To keep the steam
4 Cylinder mould To form the paper web
5 Felt To induct the paper web
6 Axial-flow ventilater Remove the steam
7 Foundation plate To support the whole paper machine
8 Frequency inverter Adjust the frequency and control the electricity

Company introduction:

A. Qinyang City Haiyang Paper Making machinery Co.,Ltd has developed into a much more competitive company since establishment in 1999. We mainly manufactures all kinds of paper machines, toilet paper production line, Kraft paper production line, copy/writing paper production line. We have 4 paper machine producing workshops and one international trade department, and more than 110 workers and more than 20 engineers. Our factory total area is 20,000 (96000) square meters. We sincerely welcome clients from all over the world visit our factory, any requirement, please contact via email, we will reply you as the first priority.

B. We have passed CE, SGS, ISO quality system certification and all manufacture processes are conducted by the standard strictly.

C. Our company undertakes design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of paper machines & new pulp mill and modernization of existing pulp mill and paper machines on a turnkey basic. We also have innovative research team, always follow the advanced technology of Finland, Denmark and Italy, Germany.
D. Skilled and careful installation team.

Trade market:

Our machines sell good in more than 30 countries, such as Nigeria, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, America, Uganda, Turkey, Brazil, Fiji, Paraguay, Ethiopia, etc. High quality and perfect service have reserved customer's praise and more orders.

  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

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