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3800 mm 80 tons/d Kraft Paper Machine exporting to Egypt

3800 mm  80 tons/d Kraft Paper Machine


Raw material: Waster paper, recycled paper, OCC;

Output paper: Craft paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, flute paper, liner paper;

Capacity: 10ton per day (24hours);

Net paper width: 1600mm;

Output paper weight: 100-200g/m2;

Width of cylinder mould: 1950mm;

Bearing center-center: 2400mm;

Working speed: 21--45m per min;

Design speed: 50m per min;

Drive and control: Alternating current, frequency.


A.Pre-sale service

1.24 hours phone, email, trade manager online services; the detailed project report,detailed general drawing(CAD), detailed flow process design,detailed layout factory drawing for you until meet your requirement;
3.welcome to our paper making machine factory and paper mill factory to have a look and check;
4.tell you all the necessary cost when set up a paper mill factory;
5.answer you all the questions within 24hours;

6.send you various quality paper samples made by our paper machine for free; turn key-project service.


B.On-purchase service:

1.accompany you to check all the equipment made by us, and help you to make the plan of installation; paper machine assembly drawing, the foundation and foundation load diagram, transmission diagram, formal installation drawing, use and installation instructions and a full set of technical data after signing the contract.


C.After-sales service the machine as soon as possible according to your requirement, within 45 days;
2.send rich practiced experience engineers to you to install and test the machine and train your worker for free;
3.give you one year guarantee time after the machine can run well;
4.After one year,we can guide and help you to maintain the machines;
5.every 2 years,we can help to overhaul the complete machines for free;
6.send you spare part in lower price.


No Name Function
1 Paper machine Produce paper
2 dryer To dry the paper web
3 Exhaust hood To keep the steam
4 Cylinder mould To form the paper web
5 Felt To induct the paper web
6 Axial-flow ventilater Remove the steam
7 Foundation plate To support the whole paper machine
8 Frequency inverter Adjust the frequency and control the electricity

Package material:

products will packaged according to their shapes, weight, transport distance and transport modes.large machines will be packaged in sections. Every part of export machinery will be in standard export packageseaworthy wooden case, waterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc., which will ensure the intactness of products.


1. Sea transportation is from qingdao seaports or other ports. Other transportation way are highway, train and airplane.

2. The delivery time is decided by your needed machines or machine parts. But it also follows your needs.

  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Qinyang City Haiyang Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD.

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